Become a Member

To become a member of the TUEM, please read through the rules of our union. By becoming a member, you explicitly agree to adhere to these.

Becoming a member of TUEM is easy. Fill in this PDF form and send it to the TUEM office.

The membership contribution is determined by your Eurocontrol grade and is due 4 times per year.

During the first 5 years of your membership, you also need to contribute to the strike fund. This contribution is refundable when you retire from Eurcontrol - NOT when you resign from the Union.

If the automatic incasso of the membership-fee is not applicable to you, please transfer the fee to the following account:

TUEM - NL59 ABNA 0468 6853 59

Income Insurance

In cooperation with the FFPE-EUROCONTROL, TUEM negotiated a loss of income insurance with ETHIAS. This grants subscribed members a daily income of 25€ during a period of maximum 180 days (i.e. 750€ per month for 6 months).

In first instance, this insurance is foreseen to ensure a replacement income for the colleagues working in shifts and for whom long lasting sickness can mean a significant reduction in their monthly income. This additional insurance is not included in the TUEM membership fee, but costs an additional €101,50 per year. More details can be found in this document.